Friday, September 11, 2015

Update Needed

Wow!  I have not been here in a while.  There have been changes as expected over the past year.  Sold a lot of lambs so now down to 20 sheep.  Also down to about 20 alpacas since they and I are aging.  I am so blessed that I am able to have Sam and Chelsey helping with animal feeding and care. Now with working less I should be able to do more and will increase my physical activity over time.  The rabbits have not reproduced yet.  I was told that it was too hot.  Well they were mated again about two weeks ago and we will see if new bunnies arrive.  Old man is still around.  I am so surprised that he is still alive and each time I enter the rabbitry I gird myself to the possibility of seeing a stiff cold body.  But he surprises me.  Also observing that Bear is getting older.  He is moving more slowly and appears to have some arthritis.

Eventually I hope that my writing will become smoother and more expressive.  The memories and experiences are so valuable to me and I am wishing to adequately describe them to others.

Hopefully I will continue writing and post again prior to 2016.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 Shearing is Done!

A total of 57 fiber animals are now shorn but the work has just started.  First my body has to recuperate.  The muscles need to stop aching and the joints not stiffen up out of fear of further work.  Each fleece will need to be sorted and graded and a determination made of what it will be turned into.  Will it be sent to the NFP co-op to be blended with fiber from the rest of the US to be made into rovings, yarns, finished items? Or will it be sent to a local mini-mill to be made into rovings and/or yarns for outerwear items (items not worn next to the skin)?  No matter what over the next few months my fingers will be in fiber heaven.